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    • Triple Back Massage


      Back massage in combination with nape and waist massage. It eliminates the problems of the broader area and also most of the pains which are caused by the bad posture of the body.

      Duration: 60 min

    • Full Body Massage


      1) Full Body Relaxing Massage | Duration: 35 min
      2) Face and Body Treatment | Duration: 25 min

      Duration: 60 min

    • Face and Head Massage Facial Hydrating Care


      Face massage relaxes us, relieves and causes euphoria. At the same time, it can prove healing to everyday, health problems like headaches, cold or sinusitis. The pressure in specific parts of the head can act therapeutically in these cases. At the same time, it provides hydration of the face.

      Duration: 60 min

    • After Sun Face and Body Treatment


      The importance of deep hydration after exposure to the sun is equally important as that of using sunscreen before sunbathing. The treatment of a dehydrated skin is general and topical.

      Duration: 80 min

    • Pregnancy Massage


      Pregnancy massage is done with a special technique and manipulations and its main purpose is the complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

      Duration: 45 min

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